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As one of the leading 20 land survey companies in Israel, we offer unique professional services that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as Laser Scan Plans, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Drone Mapping. Experience the highest level of accuracy and efficiency with our innovative approaches.

We are honored to serve prestigious organizations and government entities, including:

Ministry of Housing and Construction

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of the Interior

Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality

Jerusalem Municipality

The National Land Authority of Israel

The National Authority of Water Corporations

The National Mapping and Planning Authority of Israel

Private clients, including real estate development companies

Our services

Structural Land Surveying

Structural Land Surveying

* Measurements for Building Permits and Detailed Planning.

* Accompanying TBA Programs and Photogrammetric Mapping.

* Distribution Plans and Real Estate Registration.

* Condominium Contracts and Sharing Agreements.

* Ministry-Approved Surveyors: Our surveyors are officially approved by both the Ministry of Housing and the National Land Authority.

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Facial Measurement, Revit BIM Plans

Facial Measurement, Revit BIM Plans

Facial Measurements and Three-Dimensional Scanning including Building preservations.  Our specialized department conducts facial measurements and utilizes advanced three-dimensional scanning technology. We produce accurate representations of structures in an accuracy of 1 millimeter. We provide 3D Plans in the Format of AS- MADE.

We provide REVIT Plans at the accuracy between  LOD300 and LOD500 in the Format of BIM.

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Arial Drone and OrthoPhoto Mapping

Arial Drone and OrthoPhoto Mapping

Arial Drone Mapping including OrthoPhoto Images and Façade AurtoPhoto.

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We provide professional and reliable services in land surveying and mapping, for residential and commercial projects. Please use this form to get in touch with us.

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